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The Title Says it All...

Dropbox, VBS, and Our Spiritual Health

One of the greatest productivity tools I have used over the past few years has been Dropbox, a company that provides storage ‘in the cloud’ for pretty much any kind of data that might reside in your digital life. Especially moving between my laptop, iPhone, and iPad, as well as using devices in other places as […]

Monday’s Mail and the Bible

In conversations with people throughout the years, I have heard people question the scriptures on many levels. Some talk about its accuracy; some quibble with its relevancy. Others like to use the argument that it was finalized by a council of the church several hundred years after its last words were written as a way […]

A Resource and a Response…

By now the news of Robin Williams’ death has made its way through the news cycle – first with the news he was dead, then the circumstances surrounding his death, then all the ‘experts’ pontificating at the same time that other conspiracy theorists are pushing all their ‘ideas.’ You can go elsewhere to see all […]

Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for dropping by my corner of the web! The gist of this blog is found in its name – More Grist for the Mill. It will contain most of the posts I write to the people of my current appointment, North Cross UMC in Madisonville, LA, as well as some other reflections on […]