More Grist for the Mill

The Title Says it All...

A Phone Call I Can’t Return

On Tuesday of this week, while sitting at my desk visiting with Jeff and Kathy, I grabbed the office phone when it rang. The caller said, simply, “Reverend Oliver.” Of course, I knew IMMEDIATELY who it was – it was my dear friend Luke, who I got to know when I was in college. Luke […]

A Desk, 2 Bookshelves, 3 Trash Bags, and [Joe]

Last Friday, when our offices were closed, I took advantage of the time to do something I hadn’t done in too long – find out the color of the top of my desk. Some have commented, charitably, I hope, that the color is pretty much whatever is the latest piece of paper that has piled […]

A Most Tragic Misunderstanding…

I’ll never forget the conversation I had a few years ago with a lady who came into my office in a previous appointment looking for assistance with her utility bill. This is a lady whom I had gotten to know as she is what is referred to in our business as ‘a regular.’ On this […]