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The Title Says it All...

When Your Pastor Fails You

There are certain people in our lives for whom we have, or should have, high expectations. Parents, teachers, close friends, siblings…you know who these people are in your life. For me, from the earliest of my days, pastors who have been part of my life have been very influential – and I consider it a […]

Playoff Hockey and Pentecost

Just like that, it was over. After six hard-fought games, including three games that went to overtime, one shot and it was all over. Six minutes and thirty-two seconds into overtime last night, Nick Bonino of the Pittsburgh Penguins beat goaltender Braden Holtby to send the Pens into the Eastern Conference finals. From all accounts, […]

Mother’s Day Reflections 2016

In early May, 2007, I wrote a column about Mother’s Day to the congregation I was serving at the time. Over the years I have edited it as life has progressed, but the essence of it never changed. Some may think that it would change this year because it’s Erin’s ‘First Mother’s Day.’ As much as […]