More Grist for the Mill

The Title Says it All...

One Lousy Comma

PLEASE ALLOW ME TO START WITH A CONFESSION this morning: It is one of the supreme marks of irony that I have wound up making a living as a speaker and writer, given that my high school and undergrad transcripts do not provide evidence of a highly motivated English student. There were, however, two rules […]

#’s 69 & 70

MAN, WHAT A DIFFERENCE 30 YEARS MAKES. It was early March, 1987, in the back room in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh. A sixth-grader had the blank sheets from Sports Illustrated at the ready, along with various writing utensils, using scrap paper to scribble down the brackets as the talking heads on CBS revealed each […]

Wainscot and Lent

SHORTLY BEFORE ERIN AND I left to go see family last month, the trustees began some what we thought would be minor work that could be done mostly while we were gone. A few things in the kitchen and repainting the hallway – nothing major, right? Well…when the wainscot on the wall behind the master shower […]