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The Title Says it All...

Typos, Self-Loathing, and God’s Grace

True confession time – I was, at best, a middling English student in high school and college. I was not anti-English – it just was not something that captured my attention. (Except for a certain literature class in college – I was not as enamored with Dostoevsky as my professor would have preferred – but that’s […]

The Equifax™ Breach and Life in Christ

It was quite a scene – the Internet in the aftermath of the recent exposure of a massive hack of Equifax’s data, which included information on millions of Americans’ most sensitive identification and financial information. There were myriad articles and emails from all corners of the web with comments about what to do next, how […]

The Bomb Squad, a Sandwich, and a Fig Leaf

Recently, I was amused and bemused by the report of a stunt that I never would have considered as a way to get out of paying for a sandwich. According to WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, after finishing one of Primanti Brothers’ fantastic sandwiches (full disclosure – I love a good sandwich from these guys) a patron […]

Clickbait and the Soul

‘People with Excellent Credit Must Have One of These Cards!’ ‘Nearly 23,487 Seniors Now Swear by This Drink!’ ‘Mortgage Refi Hack Could Fix Your Money Problems’ ‘Millionaire Boils Stock Success Down to One Pattern’ ‘Collect an Extra $2,194 per Month?’ Come on, let’s admit it. Just you and me. No one else has to know. […]

”What Lies Ahead I Have No Way of Knowing”

Like so many others over the last 24 hours, I have followed the story of Tom Petty’s heart attack, final hours, and the news of his death with a sense of great sadness, not just because of a man dying relatively young (66 is not as old as it used to be!) No, my sadness […]