About Me


A lily just outside the back door of the parsonage in DeRidder…May 06, 2018


The Basics:
Husband of 17+ Years to Rev. Erin Oliver
Father to Anna Catherine and Joseph
United Methodist Full-Time Ministry for 18+ Years
Louisiana Tech University (1997 - B.S. - Accounting)
Asbury Theological Seminary (2002 - Master of Divinity)

Beyond the Basics:
In 2014, my wife told me to get a hobby or I’d have a heart attack, so I bought my first DSLR (Nikon D5300) and away I went. Five years and two kids later, it is not quite an obsession, but definitely an outlet. Most of my photography relates to my family and friends, but I’m working on expanding my repertoire.

At the urging of a good friend and mentor, I started writing weekly emails to my congregations when I moved to Pharr Chapel UMC (Morgan City, LA) in 2006. Other than the occasional break for sanity, unexpected circumstances, or the arrival of a child five weeks early, I’ve tried to write at least twice a month. Part of the motivation for establishing this site is to have one place to put it all together.

Reading (History, Politics, Economics, Autobiographies)
Politics (Yes, I am a junkie. No, I’m not going there online.)
The Wall Street Journal (Most every day)
Pittsburgh Steelers (and anyone playing the Patriots)
Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL hockey is the best sport on earth)
SEC Football

1997 - 1998 | Louisiana Tech Wesley Foundation (Ruston) | Intern
1998 - 1999
| FUMC (Cotton Valley) & Sarepta UMC | Supply Pastor
2002 - 2004
| FUMC (Elton) & Raymond UMC | Pastor
2004 - 2006
| FUMC (Pineville) | Associate Pastor
2006 - 2011
| Pharr Chapel UMC (Morgan City) | Pastor
2010 - 2011
| St. Peter UMC (Jeanerette) | Interim Supply Pastor (Dec-Apr)
2011 - 2015
| North Cross UMC (Madisonville) | Pastor
2015 - Present
| FUMC (DeRidder) | Pastor