I almost - ALMOST - saved this message for the week before Palm Sunday, since on that day we will be exploring the redemption of the children. However, I just couldn't because the picture you see here captures the essence of the privilege we have to share Christ and the ministry of the church with the next generation.

This picture was taken by our own Brittney Bond this past Sunday, and when I saw it on Facebook I KNEW it had to be shared with you during one of this week's emails. The little girl is Brittney's niece Rory, who Brittney has pretty faithfully brought to North Cross basically since Rory was born.

I share it with you not because it's cute - it surely is - but because in this picture you see a lesson on how we all should be approaching worship in the house of God. 

Lord knows that on any given Sunday all of us (including your pastors) have a million things on our mind, and that it is a miracle some weeks if we can even make it to worship. When we get here, as much as we'd like to admit our hearts and minds are in the right place, we can easily get distracted.

Then we come to this image of Rory...her cute little hands folded and leaning on the seat in front of her...and I much would our individual Sunday morning experience change if we adopted the attitude seen in this picture?

I want to also commend Brittney for taking the initiative to make Rory a part of what God is doing here. As her aunt, Brittney has made it her business to share with Rory the grace offered by Christ and the joy of being a part of the church family. I wonder who are the children in our lives that we could impact by making sure they felt at home in God's house as much as Rory is...

Oh, and the answer to the question is: YES! Children are paying attention. The question is, what are we doing and how are we doing it, since they not only pay attention but model what they see from us.

Grace and Peace,