I JUST HAD TO LAUGH earlier this week when I saw this message on my phone as I tracked a package at FedEx. Truly meant as a tool to help clients who may experience delays in their package schedules, I think the people at Fred Smith’s company capture the essence of what has dominated our headlines for the past few days.

I’ve been really tempted to mock both of these events and those who are so wrapped up in them because I find it ridiculous. Upon further reflection, though, I think there’s more we can explore here.

And, yet, I think the FedEx crew may have too narrowly focused their message, for from the looks of my social media feeds and the conversations I am overhearing around town and in other places, it is not just in Cleveland and Philadelphia that the RNC and DNC may be causing delays and disruptions. It’s in every place that Johnny Cash listed in his immortal song about being everywhere, and even more. I am seeing and hearing friendships unravel and families get strained based on the strength of emotions people feel towards their preferred candidate or party as well as the strength of emotions people may be feeling against a particular candidate or party. Those of you who know me well are aware that I am a political junkie (although I can say I’ve been pretty much cable news free for over 10 years now) and find it hysterical that I am in a career where it’s best legally and politically to keep my opinions on things close to the vest. So, yes, I do have strong opinions about each candidate.

What I cannot figure out is, “Why?” Why is it we get so emotionally wound up to the point that relationships we hold dear get pushed to the brink of destruction (if not go over) over two candidates and parties that, I believe have enough flaws that I’m not sure which one, if either, is really the best one for the job? Why is it that we will stay tuned to our preferred propaganda distributor of choice (I mean, cable news channel) for hours on end to where we are in a zombie-like trance instead of engaging in the the beautiful world and relationships God has so graciously given us?

What is truly scary to me is not whether or not our next president will be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (for they both, along with the parties that nominated them, have deeply fatal flaws that you could chew on for days and still not be satisfied.)

What is truly scary to me is not which political party had a ‘better’ convention – for neither one of them should be proud of how the entire week went for them.

What is truly scary to me is that so many of us don’t give a second thought to putting all of our emotions into the bloviation that spews forth from our televisions and websites, to the point of letting those people who are on the screen put us in such a mood that we will through joy or anger be moved to get in someone else’s face.

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be one of, if not the most, powerful people in the world come mid-day January 20, 2017. They will have control over a great deal of resources that will impact literally billions of lives for many years.

However, let’s make sure that we don’t give them (or the talking heads repeating talking points distributed sometimes hourly) control over our emotions, our lives, or our relationships.

After all, scripture tells us that the things of this world are not eternal. Let’s make sure we keep our eye on something bigger and far more important than who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20.

Let’s keep our eyes on the One who out of nothing created everything, and those who we love and treasure, determined to not let a cable news outlet, politician, or anything else in this temporary world, keep us from loving and being loved not because of political position but because God has allowed them to share this season of life with you.

Grace and Peace, Lamar