It was quite a scene – the Internet in the aftermath of the recent exposure of a massive hack of Equifax’s data, which included information on millions of Americans’ most sensitive identification and financial information. There were myriad articles and emails from all corners of the web with comments about what to do next, how it happened, who at Equifax should be held responsible, the betrayal of citizens who have to deal with the three major credit bureaus, what role – if any – should the government play in tracking down what happened and what new rules and regulations need to be put in place so that the chances of something like this happening again are infinitesimal (for the idea that it could be totally hack-proof is simply a pipe dream.)

Think about it – Social Security Numbers, Drivers’ Licenses, Bank and Credit Card Accounts, Address History, and a whole host of other personal and supposedly secret details that should never see the light of day…and yet they do thanks to some people who have no problem invading the privacy of fellow global citizens. When I got word of the Equifax hack, I was not surprised, really, for no matter how hard we try, there are parts of our lives we would rather not be out there that are known by others.

One of the main tenets of the Christian faith is that we worship a God who knows our every detail, who knew us before we were formed in the womb, who knows the plans the Divine One has for us. Now, we have two ways we can respond to this reality of God’s omniscience – we can be mortified and fearful of all our failings being exposed to the one who created us, the one without whom we do not draw breath; alternatively, we can celebrate the fact we worship a God who loves us so much that there’s not a part of our life that does not concern our Lord.

One of the essential qualities of a life wrapped up in the multi-faceted realm of God’s work through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is that God’s will is not to cause us harm, nor to find ways to jump at the chance to condemn us for each and every transgression. Nay, the reality is quite the opposite – there’s not a part of our lives that God does not deeply nor passionately care about, nor any part of our lives that is beyond God’s ability to provide forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption, restoration, wholeness, and healing.

We cannot control what other parties may do with some of the most intimate details of our lives – but we can take the position that it is precisely due to God’s unlimited love for us (personified in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ) that our Creator cares about everything in our lives. Let us take this day, where so many are panicked (and not without cause) about the exposure of their details to celebrate that we worship the One who not only knows all our details but knows them out of a great love for our wholeness which comes only through accepting the Divine love offered in and through Christ the Lord.

Grace and Peace, Lamar

What is it in your life that you are trying to hide that God is waiting for you to accept forgiveness and healing in Christ?