...we're gone?

I must admit it was fascinating this past weekend to observe our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic tradition celebrate the canonization of two of their recent leaders, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II.  In all honesty, I found it kinda neat, for in spite of some conflicting opinions about some of their actions or inactions, there was pretty widespread agreement that much of their work was about bringing God's presence to life for the world.

The question that kept coming when I watched and read, though, related to you and me - "When our time on earth has passed, what will be celebrated about us?" Were John XXIII and John Paul II perfect in every way? Of course not. However, the hundreds of thousands who gathered in Rome last weekend gave testimony to the faithfulness of these two.

So, what WILL be celebrated about us? Will people celebrate ours as a life of faithful obedience to God and commitment to following Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit?

In this light, I invite you to be sure and take note of all the various ministries of the church and beyond, and realize that through our participation in the work of God through Christ's church, we are, indeed, laying the groundwork for ours to be remembered as a life of faithful devotion to Christ.

Grace and Peace, Lamar