As our world looks today at the 50th anniversary of Michael Collins', Buzz Aldrin's, and Neil Armstrong's journey to the moon, my mind keeps going to what is it that we might glean from this experience to influence our journey of life and faith presently and beyond.

Reading various articles, catching various programs aired about not only Apollo 11 the space program as a whole, and visiting with my father (who was part of the Manned Orbiting Laboratory of the United States Air Force at the time,) a few things come to mind, in no particular order:

  • What would the ministries of any congregation look like if we but dared to chase what seems to be impossible?

  • What would the communities in which our congregations exist look like if we but dared to chase what we often grouse isn't possible because of...(pick any excuse you'd like that you've said or heard at church - things like money, location, facilities, a certain pastor, and anything else...)

  • What would our individual journeys of faith look like if we but committed ourselves to chasing the life of a disciple of Christ with the focus and dedication the men and women of the various space programs of the USA had towards their work in sending us to the moon?

See you tomorrow!

Grace and Peace,