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Part of our evening shutdown ritual at the parsonage is to inquire of one of our virtual roommates, Amazon's Alexa, about the next day's weather. We also check with her in the morning about the weather to see if anything has changed overnight.

Most of the time, Alexa is pretty on-target with her meteorological prognostications, but she's been in a slump for going on over a week. It seems that she shares with us a prediction that includes thunderstorms every day. There have been a few days where the whole day went by and there was nary a cloud in the sky or on the horizon, and, yet, Alexa keeps parroting a, to be charitable, misinformed weather forecast.

That being said, I am open-minded enough to realize that her climatological factual inaccuracies are, in fact, not at all her fault. She is merely the messenger of data that is fed into her by a third party at the behest of another third party. To waste my emotions or energy by going off on her would be simply unfair.

My Alexa challenge has gotten me thinking a little about our Christian faith in that it is essential for us to engage in the continual life of being a disciple of Jesus. Like Alexa's weather forecasting, we can only put out to others that which has been put into us.

On this Wednesday, what is it that you are putting into your life so that others may know our Lord through the life you are leading? While Alexa is simply an electronic delivery system of another's data, we are called to be instruments of God's grace and peace by sharing with others the grace and peace we have received from God and one another.

Have a GREAT week!

Grace and Peace,