24MAR2019 | Self-Righteousness & Easter Don't Mix

ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS ATTRIBUTES A CHRISTIAN CAN HAVE IS AN OVERABUNDANCE OF SELF-IMPORTANCE, as we see in this week's gospel lesson. Before we go much further, though, let's take a moment to be charitable in understanding why it is that we can so easily fall into this mindset. We measure ourselves against each other in so many ways, as a society and as individuals within the Christian community - and so many of these characteristics mirror one another. To wit:

MONEY - We either have it and want to lord it over others - OR - we don't have it and think that if only we did then we would be able to call shots;

POSITION - We either hold a high position in society or churches and want to use it as a way get our own way - OR - we think that if only we had it we could really make things happen;

SENIORITY - We either believe that since we've been around a long time we have the right to tell others what to do - OR - we haven't been and think that once we do we can call the shots (Go check the parable of the laborers in the vineyard for more details about this fallacy);


In these nine verses from Luke's gospel we discover as part of our Lenten journey that comparing ourselves to others or simply taking things as they see without looking at the big picture can have grave consequences. One finds in these verses, among other things:

Something ESSENTIAL to the Christian faith

What must TRANSFORM our lives

How not doing something KILLS our souls