12MAY2019 | Revelation Three - Are We Shepherd or Sheep?

We continue our Easter Revelations series on this Graduate Recognition Sunday by dropping in on the portion of John's Revelation found in chapter 7, verses 9-17. Through the vibrant imagery of the worship of the Lamb, we are confronted with the reality that we can be shepherd or sheep, but not both. If we are not fully committed to being led by Jesus Christ, allowing him to be our shepherd, we put at risk the rewards we have been promised through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ our Lord. Drawing on the experiences of our graduating seniors (who are referenced in several places in today's message) we are challenged to ask ourselves if we have learned the vital lessons of the example of Christ and allowed ourselves to experience the absolutely unbridled joy that comes from joining with the church eternal, universal, and triumphant to sing the praises of our God and King.