19MAY2019 | Revelation Four - Quit Keeping Score...It Doesn't Matter

The fourth installment of our Easter Revelations series draws us into the beginning of the conclusion of the book of Revelation.

In these first six verses of chapter 21, Jesus provides John with a vision that radically transforms our faith along with our love of God, each other, and all creation. These six verses are, it could be fairly said, ones that, when we truly embody them, at the heart of our understanding - and living out - of the Christian faith.

Jesus royally and majestically declares that all of the temporal stuff that consumes far too much of our time, efforts, attention, and devotion, are but temporary due to the coming reality that when Christ comes again in glory, all things are made new.

Using the inconvenience of church members who are asked to sit in a different place during worship today, we see that if we have so much trouble simply giving up our favorite seat for a Sunday we cannot begin to imagine how hard it is for someone to give up their way of life and turn to Christ alone for fulfillment, satisfaction, identity, and purpose.