One of my daily reads is The Wall Street Journal, and has been for years because I find the depth and breadth of their journalism to be the best of all newspapers of their scope, and because their editorial page (even when I find myself in disagreement) is well-written, well-researched, and highly informative. Additionally, their Corrections & Amplifications section is very fair and accountable.

Because of this, I was quite stunned last week when they published an article headlined, "With Christmas Over, Millions of Gifts Returned."

Actually, I wasn't stunned. This is, after all, how so many of us feel on December 26 and the days to follow. However, as is the case pretty much every day I read The Journal, it got me thinking about how we look at things from the perspective of Christianity.

Do we, in fact believe that at midnight on December 26 Christmas is over? Even if we know intellectually that Christmas is a season that starts on December 25th and concludes on January 6 with the observance of The Epiphany of the Lord, do we act as if we are still in the midst of the Christmas season or is it now just a memory?

We hear from the scriptures that, indeed, on Christmas morning Jesus Christ, Immanuel (God is with us) came into the world.

Imagine what might be possible if we, the people who claim to be the people of God, lived these 12 days, and, indeed, all 365 or 366 days of the year as a celebration of Immanuel, lived in such a way that we proclaim with every fiber of our being that, indeed, "The Word became flesh..."

Grace and Peace, Lamar