Tomorrow is one of the most important days in the Christian year as we journey through what is known as the Epiphany of the Lord, for it is on this Sunday that we celebrate Christ's revelation to ALL, both Jew and Gentile, when the magi came to pay him homage.

Why is that so important? Well, if the Magi, who had all the prestige the world could bestow upon them, chose to come pay homage not to Caesar but to the Christ child born of the virgin, then we see a model of who we are called to be, ones who focus not on the trappings offered to us by the world but the reality that God, through The Word Made Flesh, gives us all the promise that we are welcome to accept the grace & peace that can be found only in God.

The question we as the people of this congregation, and as the individuals who are part of this community, must wrestle with and exclusively focus upon is simply this: Who are we being and what are we doing to facilitate the world's Epiphany - that time where homage is paid no longer to the things of the world but the grace offered only in the Christ? (In other words - KEEPING NOTHING SACRED BUT THE MISSION!)

When we lose the message of the Epiphany, we are in danger of losing our sole purpose - leading people to experience and embrace the love of God in Christ.

Grace and Peace, Lamar